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Reiki means the “Universal life force” within all living things. It is a holistic healing modality discovered in the late 1800s by Dr. Misao Usui. Reiki works with the energy and wisdom that flows through the body known as Ki (Japan), Chi (China), or Prana (India). Physical or emotional trauma can block this energy creating disease in the body. Reiki therapy aligns and balances the chakra system and energy flow to aid in our innate ability to heal. Reiki promotes relaxation and helps with stress management, insomnia, grief/loss, and mental health issues like anxiety, PTSD, or depression. It boosts the immune system, aids in healing bone and tissue (useful after surgery or injury), helps in recovery from addiction, and is very useful in transitions like birth and death. Reiki energy can also be sent to space to clear and balance the energy. For example, if you are selling your home and have a showing or open house Reiki can be sent to that event or you simply are wanting to energetically cleanse a space.




In-person and distance healing $90


Reiki for animals

Animal Reiki $40


Real Estate & Events

Send reiki to cleanse and balance a space. Reiki is particularly useful for open houses and showings when selling a home, clearing stagnant energy in a new home or office and for events such as a wedding or job interview $50


Reiki Events

I offer a monthly energy healing share in Black Mountain.  Check Facebook to join my group.

About Allison


Reiki assisted me in transforming my life. It helped me heal from PTSD, anxiety, and a profound personal loss. As someone born with psychic abilities and sensitivities to energy, I struggled to relate to others and find my place. Through my Reiki training, I discovered that these sensitivities are divine gifts that allow me to hold sacred space for others in their healing. I am honored to be of service in your personal journey to wholeness, balance, and true wellness.

CRMT Certified Reiki Master Teacher



“I have had two remote Reiki sessions with Allison. They have both been life changing for me in a good way. I feel happier and I am able to address my issues better after these sessions. I highly recommend having remote Reiki sessions with Allison.”.”



“Wow! What an experience! From the moment Allison begins your Reiki there is a calm that comes over you. After the session Allison describes what your body is telling her in a healthy way. A great rewarding experience.”



“We were having a difficult time with the selling of our house. Allison did Reiki on the home at the time two potential buyers were scheduled to view the house.

The next day both viewers submitted full cash offers and the house was sold to one of them in 3 weeks.”


“I had a Reiki session with Allison that was very transformative.  As she was doing the healing, I was telling her about an issue that I was holding inside for a very long time.  She offered a compassionate and non-judgemental space to let me express the hurt I was feeling.  I think being able to let it out while being given energy healing cleared up the problem to where there was no charge when I thought about it going forward. Allison held the space and let me express bottled up emotions to heal.



Airmid Reiki – Alli Sterritt
CRMT Certified Reiki Master Teacher
Located in Black Mountain, NC
Offering local and distant healing
Text at: 828-275-3984


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